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Get more adrenaline!
21 October 2017

Your life is a journey. You broaden horizons by discovering new places, people, experiences and own limits. Collect unforgettable memories and live through amazing adventures. Learn more about AUDICTUS Explorer, which allows you to absorb energy from those moments accompanied by favorite tunes.


Even while being far away, you can keep in touch with your closest ones. Both hands occupied while on the trail, the telephone is buried at the bottom of your backpack? You can still answer the call, thanks to the multifunctional button in your speakers and use a built-in microphone. Listening to music and sharing emotions with your relatives is now much easier.


Music gives you energy and makes the best soundtrack to many moments of life. 9mm transducers implemented in our Explorer headphones guarantee a great sound quality. Add an amazing soundtrack to your best memories!


On the edge of the world, in the middle of the jungle, or maybe just on the train – The Explorer headphones must be reliable everywhere. As AUDICTUS knows your nature we used a durable cloth-covered cable and angled Mini Jack to provide our Explorer headphones with an extraordinary durability.


The style is our signature. Take care of all details! The Explorer headphones are characterized by a modern design, metal finish of the housing, and the pleasant cold of steel, that you can feel while holding the headphones. Depending on your individual preference, you can choose the color that suits you best. Choose the white or black version of the Explorer headphones. Take them both, if you have learned that nothing is black and white during your journeys…


The Explorer headphones have been tailored to suit you. In the set there are 3 sizes of silicone earbud tips that allow you to modify the headphones according to your needs. Headphones that fall out are not only annoying, but also dangerous, as you constantly need to readjust them, you often lose focus. It will never happen again with our equipment.

You may be distracted by an amazing tune, but the headphones will stay in their place.