Who we are?

Why Audictus?
1 October 2017
We are active

Do you know this feeling of sweeping euphoria after another interval, kilometer or set of exercises that makes you reach for more? It is caused by endorphins, the chemical magic that helps us chase our goals, and that positively addicts us to what we are pursuing.

Our way to release an even bigger dose of endorphins and the power of adrenaline is our BT headphones for the active.

We are explorers

Your life is a journey. You broaden horizons by discovering new places, people, experiences and own limits. Collect unforgettable memories in your memory and live through amazing adventures. We have made the Audictus Explorer, which allows you to absorb energy from those moments accompanied by favorite tunes.

We are creators

Creating is your passion. You listen to your inner rhythm and change the world around you. You are a creator, and music inspires you. This way of life gives you satisfaction and guarantees constant changes for the better. We want to support your creativity at full capacity, thanks to tunes played by the Audictus Creator.

Do not hesitate, keep designing!
We are dreamers

Passion starts with a dream. Like no one else you can see magic in the surrounding world. Full of enthusiasm, you fulfill your visions and satisfy thirsts, and you are driven by desire. You are never too old to dream. There are no things impossible for you, because everything can happen! If you have your head in the clouds, use our Audictus Dreamer.

Hear the melody that plays inside you and get lost in your fantasies!
We are conquerors

Every passion is linked with achievements. You consistently fulfill your goals, but your biggest triumph is when you give everything you have in the harmony with your inner energy. We want to make it possible for you to be in such a state whenever it is possible, together with the Audictus Achiever.

Be ambitious, choose your own solutions!