Why Audictus?

Who we are?
17 September 2017
Set and pursue your goals
11 October 2017

Our philosophy is based on passion and its various aspects, such as authenticity, consistency and the time for self-improvement and self-development. By choosing our brand name we wanted to convey those features to our users – that is how AUDICTUS came to be.

AUDICTUS is music

The world of audio, music and sounds is our point of reference. We believe that music has enchanting abilities and improves our lives in many ways, for example it boosts our creativity, makes us more energetic, and gets us in the right mood. Music is an ally of people with passion.

AUDICTUS is a positive addiction

KEvery passion is addictive, and this is what differentiates it from a momentary craving or short-lived hobby. Passion can be perceived as a positive addiction that makes us more energetic and helps us discover ourselves. We are addicted to sport, happiness, and AUDICTED TO… MUSIC. This is why we want our products to find your own AUDICTION.

AUDICTUS is achieving goals

The last puzzle piece is the connotation with the word INVICTUS, which means “invincible”. We understand it as endurance that helps you achieve your goals and dreams, both the smaller and the biggest ones. For us, everyone who consistently tries and commits to creating their own world is invincible.

AUDICTUS consists of those elements, and those elements make you AUDICTED… But it is you, the users of AUDICTUS products, who makes those words meaningful.